How To Eat Your Favourite Junk Food And Stay Healthy

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by fast food. 😔👋

Why do we love it?

I could never quantify my love for dirty fast food in words, but if I tried, it might be something about how quick it is – I could snap my fingers and have my hands in grip of a juicy cheeseburger right now. How indulgent it is – the way those crispy hot chips loaded with chicken salt emerge dripping from a hot oil bath. How ultimately satisfying it is – the feeling of giving in to something you know you shouldn’t, something you know is so innately bad for you (hellooo preservatives and additives galore!).

At Rooted, we’re not really cold-turkey kind of people. At the expense of our health (and fitness goals, or whatever), we knew it was time to cut back on those dirty late night feeds…but that didn’t mean we had to wave goodbye to our favourite foods forever. We just had to make them ✨healthy✨. No sweat, right?

We got to work in the kitchen. Cooked up a storm. And now, we eat our favourite junk foods everyday without guilt – while being healthier than we’ve ever known.

We present to you some of our favourite guilty pleasure swaps that are all: 

  • Low calorie!
  • Vegan!
  • Gluten-free!
  • Made with wholefood, natural ingredients!
  • Deliciously accurate! 😌


Click through to find our favourite recipe hacks and swaps!

3. The Cheeseburger Bowl

Tastes like: a cheeseburger. Our signature mushroom mince, drizzled in creamy, oozing cheese sauce with fluffy cauliflower rice, tangy burger pickles, white onion and toasted sesame seeds.

2. The Yeeros Bowl

Tastes like: a Greek yeeros. Spinach and fresh dill tossed through quinoa, topped with marinated roast jackfruit, Spanish onion, juicy Kalamata olives and creamy garlic tzatziki sauce.

1. The Pizza Bowl

Tastes like: a pizza supreme. Tomato quinoa with our signature meaty mushroom mince, topped with roast capsicum, white onion, sliced black olives and oozing cheese sauce. 

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