Pizza Toastie

Pizza Toastie sandwich is the ultimate late night snack.

Here’s the scene. It’s 11:30pm. You’re tossing, you’re turning, you’re yearning for that little hit of savoury that’ll send you straight into a good night’s sleep. We’ve all been there – the midnight grumblings of an unsated stomach is a tale as old as time.

It’s late. Too late to order pizza. Even then, the wait time presents too great a risk – you’ll either accidentally fall asleep, entirely unsatisfied, or worse… lose your appetite in the hour before it arrives. The horror!

Or, Plan B. You can turn to an all-too-familiar friend, one that will never let you down… a cheese toastie.

DJ, play the remix! With spicy salami, fragrant basil, oozing mozzarella and salty black olives sandwiched in buttered-and-freshly-toasted hot bread, our Pizza Toastie is the midnight snack of your dreams.

What you need



4 slices salami (we like to use hot) 

5 basil leaves

½ cup shredded mozzarella

1 tbsp. tomato paste

1 button mushroom sliced

1 tbsp. sliced black olives

2 slices sandwich bread

1 tbsp. butter

Salt & pepper


Step 1
Butter the outside of your sandwich bread, and then place them butter face down on your board. Spread the other side with tomato paste, then layer salami, cheese, basil, mushroom and olives. Season to taste.

Step 2
Close the sandwich and fry in a hot pan on each side for 2 minutes or until each side is golden brown and toasted.

Step 3
Cut in half diagonally (or whichever way tickles your fancy) and enjoy. We recommend this dipped into our roasted tomato soup!


Calories 632 | Fat 42.4g (54%) | Saturated Fat 22.3g (112%) | Cholesterol 125mg (42%) | Sodium 1841mg (80%) | Total Carbohydrate 41.7g (15%) | Dietary Fiber 10.8g (39%) | Total Sugars 9.8g | Protein 27.9g | Vitamin D 118mcg (592%) | Calcium 517mg (40%) | Iron 6mg (34%) | Potassium 422mg (9%)


  • BREAD: We went super basic with this one for the quintessential toastie vibes. But if you wanted to step it up a notch – an olive sourdough would definitely elevate this toastie!
  • TOPPINGS: What are your favourite pizza toppings? Add those! Onion, capsicum, anchovies, and dare we say… Pineapple? Anything that would go on a pizza works in this sandwich.
  • MAKE IT VEGAN: Use vegan butter, cheese (shredded or sliced) and salami (one of our favourite vegan products) here. Delicious!
  • MAKE IT GLUTEN FREE: With gluten free bread, anything’s possible! Just check the labels on your cheese, salami and sauces. 

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