Why Frozen Food Could Be The Future

What are some of the most sustainable ways to consume food? If I told you it was a plant-based diet, you probably wouldn’t be that surprised.

That makes sense,” you’d nod to yourself. “Cows and methane, and all that.

But what if I told you it was frozen food? Wait, hear me out. As well as being sustainable, what if I told you it was one of the most nutritious ways of eating? Well, surprise! It is. And it’s time to debunk some key things about the magic of frozen.

1. Nature's Solution

For hundreds of years, freezing was the best way to magically preserve fresh foods – and it still is! Freezing foods naturally locks in the nutritional goodness without the need for any preservatives or weird additives.

2. Minimal Waste

In Australia, over 5 million tonnes of food end up in landfill a year. Not only is that a waste of almost $20 billion a year, it’s also terrible for the environment; when food waste ends up in landfill, the anaerobic conditions produce methane – a greenhouse gas eighty times more powerful than carbon dioxide, and which largely contributes to global warming. Freezing has a huge impact on food waste, and means that wilted vegetables and old leftovers lost at the back of your fridge won’t be thrown out. You only eat what you need, without any wastage.

3. Convenience

When life gets in the way, there isn’t always time to cook the hearty dinner at home like you intended. Instead of ordering fast food, you can turn to the delicious food you have stocked inside your freezer. Portion-controlled with detailed nutritional information so you know exactly what you’re eating, the convenience of quality meals reheated in minutes means you can still eat well. Healthily, deliciously well.

4. Fresher Than "Fresh"

Freezing is nature’s pause button. You hit play when you reheat your food, and enjoy it fresh as the day it was made, with vitamins and nutrients locked and loaded. This can be in vast contrast to the meals you’ll find in supermarket fridges, which can be over-processed and riddled with additives, and actually degrade in quality as each hour passes.